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Ms. Melisa Hacimic-Ljubovic, Founder of Planet design & Planet design International


Ms. Dajana Miskic, Treasurer/Project Analyst


Ms. Aleksandra Necovski, Administrative Manager


Ms. Jasmila Talic, Head of Book club & Publication sector


House artists and designers:

Mr. Ferid Hacimic (Academic painter and teacher)

Mr. Ivan Predic (webdeveloper)

Ms. Dina Ahmetspahic (webdesigner)

Mr. Mensur Horic (PD graduated trainee, painter)

Ms. Adna Muslija (PD graduated trainee, painter)

Mr. Yener Usculan (photographer)



Bosnian Crew / Terrain support:

Ms. Tamara Tesnjak (PR Manager)

Ms. Besma Arnaout (Project and Action)

Ms. Adna Arnaout (PR support between Bosnia and Herzegowina and International organisations)






our Planet

“Planet design” was born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegowina in June 2011. The main goal was to advocate the universal human right to education and cultural participation in society, as well to contribute to the popularization and development of culture, art and dialogue with this endeavor.

The intention was to draw the attention of the public, especially children and youths, to the cultural and artistic values, and support their development in the intellectual and artistic sense. And, we were successful! Follow our FB page and see the gallery, we are happy to show some captured moments from over 200 workshops and public events.

Now with new international reference, we are settled in Vienna, Austria, proudly working on cultural research programe and building cross-country



Current projects:

FAN "Freelance artist Network", Regional

"Fantasiam Game",

"Collaboration with W.M.Puehringer atelier and artworks" Wien, Österreich

"WEBLODGER", Wien, Österreich


Here is something more we respect and do:


  • Provide info for artist and international freelancers (topics: education, work, part time engagements, migrating as an artist, integration, transport, travel, materials, supplies, etc.)
  • Promote friend Associations, groups and links
  • Organize/attend workshops and art colonies
  • Networking
  • Publishing and Co-publishing
  • Respect Eco policies
  • Respect diversity, talent, passion and originality
  • Research, archive, share and educate
  • Search for new ways of expression and creating


Freelance artist network is new international project with open arhive. If you want to share information, please write to us and involve in expanding.

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Representative person:

Melisa Hacimic-Ljubovic


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