February, 2016.

Our second production year has STARTED and we are going full throttle on the activities!


Fantasiam developing team is preparing New environmental video for February 21st, but here you can Check out teaser trailer for the game.


Marketing and Creative departments are working overload and preparing for conferences this year.


After the media attention and comments we received, we are even more motivated to paint the amazing world of myths and Gods to an upcoming gaming generations.


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Decembar, 2015.

September, 2015.



Fantasiam is a first person game, focused on solving puzzles, exploration with rpg elements. Our main idea is to make combat system, leveling with even more rpg elements, but that depends on investments on the game. Game is based on south-eastern Slavic's history, mythology and culture. Open world part of a game involves possibility to explore the beautiful multi regions.


Regions are handmade and they consists of many ancients cities, sharp ice lands, forests, actually everything that comes in your mind. The players have the chance to walk and explore freely on their own choice.


Every quest they do have a huge consequence on the story itself and the world is changing based on the player's actions, meaning different experience for every user. Many puzzles, riddles and hopefully combat choices awaits our future players...

Read more on our official game site: www.fantasiamgame.com

September, 2015.

Book Club Presents E-BOOK



Collection of the works from Planet design B&H Book Club,

Zenica 2015.


Language: Bosnian

E-Book Awailable for reading NOW!(click on the image)


Authors:Adna Arnaout,Amina Džidić

Amila Bijedić,Anela Pašalić

Belma Jaganjac,Jasmila Talić



Melisa Haćimić-Ljubović

& Jasmila Talić

Preventeen Mag.

Pages:22, 23.

Planet design lead artist team presents artwork for Fantasiam game on 07.09.2015. Full artwork gallery will be presented in later phase of the project.


"We are proud to be engaged into creating new interactive contents with artistic values and share experiences with young and brilliant Fantasiam team.

More info about the Fanstasiam game will be futured on Planet design sites and pages."


Follow the game site here.


July, 2015.


"FAN" Network is a self-founded program that offers artists free enter into network membership, possibility to work on ongoing "shared" projects (with other artists), possibility to join Newsletter team and expand contact list with potential partners. FAN archive is always open for members and guests, if You desire to become a listed member of our network, email us and we will provide you with application forms. READ MORE..


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