Welcome ~ Willkommen ~ Dobro došli

Welcome to the website of international artists in action. "Planet design" was an active NGO for 6 years. Now the name and the platform belong to the freelance artists who have the same spirit and mission as the Planet design. If You find us interesting, need space to exhibit Your work, want to inspire others or just want to have fun, contact us, we will be happy to welcome You to our community.

Newcoming Artists

Richard Seidl

Specialties: Electronic magic nymphonies with a slash of ahhhs!; Pirate sculpting; Not yet Philanthrop!

Check his Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/rotarich

More content is coming after COVID19 lockdown. Currently, we are not able to finish up Studio meetings and Sculpture digitalization. But we can not wait to share our merged ideas!

Natalie C.Schreder

The 'Triopsie' is my 'place' where I can put in all my technical skills and work experiences from the past 19 years and do professional fun projects for stage, event, merch, and everything you come up with!
My very darlings are sculpting and pencil drawing but I also love to use every other thinkable technique and material to create the special look of every individual project.

Nice to know about my style? I'm a darkling, so everything comes out with a slightly creepy touch. https://www.triopsie.com/